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COMING SOON: Uncle Howard
A film about Howard Brookner by Aaron Brookner
Executive Produced by Jim Jarmusch.

World Premiere: Sundance Film Festival, 2016
(U.S. Documentary Competition)

Howard Brookner (April 30, 1954 – April 27, 1989) was an American film director who directed two documentaries and one fiction film in his lifetime. He died in 1989 after a battle with AIDS, fought while making his final film.

Brookner studied at Exeter prep school, earned his B.A. from Columbia University in political science, and his M.A. in art history and film at New York University, where for his senior thesis he began Burroughs: The Movie with his film school friends Tom DiCillo (camera) and Jim Jarmusch (sound.)

He produced and directed Burroughs: the Movie, the first documentary ever made about William S. Burroughs with his full collaboration (1983), Robert Wilson and the Civil Wars on theatre director Robert Wilson (1986), and directed, co-produced and co-wrote Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989) starring Madonna and Matt Dillon.

Howard Brookner Filmography

Burroughs: The Movie (1983, Documentary)
Starring William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Brion Gysin.

Robert Wilson and the Civil Wars (1987, Documentary)
Starring Robert Wilson, Philip Glass, Heiner Müller.

Bloodhounds of Broadway (1989, Drama)
Starring Madonna, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Gray and Rutger Hauer.

Scary Kisses (Unfinished)

Other Credits

Gaffer: Permanent Vacation (directed by Jim Jarmusch, 1980)
Special Thanks to: Mystery Train (directed by Jim Jarmusch, 1989)